Exclusivity is defined by the dictionary as the exclusive belonging to someone or something. In accordance with this exhibition stand of the class "exclusive" total concept design solutions, the originality of its embodiments, the materials used in the construction of the stand, including non-traditional, should reflect the specificity and individuality of the company, which is.

Design forums and conferences is our profession! Our great experience of working with large companies, event organizers, and small. Our unique advantage - the minimum time of execution, and maximum mobility. In our projects you have access to all modern visual and navigation technologies design business events.
Forums, along with exhibitions, are also one of the main activities of our company. Modern manufacturing processes and high level of professional training of employees allows our company to organize and conduct forums at the highest level.

In this section of the site You can familiarize with stands, going from designer Octanorm and with basic furniture and equipment (standard), and also with stands, with some divergence from standard construction, which can be expressed in various art wall design (film, banner, mesh), the use of additional equipment, etc. (advanced encryption standard).
Such stands are the perfect budget solution.